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Original Title:Fatima
Country:Italy, Portugal
Genres:Drama, Religion
Director:Fabrizio Costa

Full Cast:Joaquim de Almeida, Catarina Furtado, Diogo Infante, Vanessa Antunes, Vanessa Staiss, Filipe Carvalho, Pedro André, Maria d'Aires, Fernando Nascimento, Carlos Santos , Randi Ingerman, Omero Antonutti, Francisco Brás, João D'Ávila, Sinde Filipe, Ulisses Vítor, Ana Luís, João Maria Pinto, António Montez, Jean-Louis Michel , Ana Lourenço, Renato Solnado, Luís Mascarenhas, Fernando Conde, Pedro Efe, Miguel Efe, Orlando Horta, Lucinda Loureiro, Teresa Faria,Joana Almada, Luís Cunha, João Chiote, Zita Esteves, Ingrid, Maria Aguiar, Carlos Lacerda, Manuel Quintas, Tiago Pereira, Sérgio Ventura, Carlo Martins, Alcino Seixas, Carlos Rodrigues, Catarina Avelar, Luís Assis, João Vinagre, Álvaro Baptista, Adriano Carvalho, Francisco Carreira, André Rodrigues, Varela Franco, João Neves, Inês Afonso, Anabela Almeida, Sílvia Jacob, Elizabeth Jacob, Isabel Gonçalves.


Portugal, in the past, a great colonial power, the conqueror of faraway exotic lands ... all riches and power passed like a wind and the conquests appeared not to have brought any good to the country. There was, however, a turning point for Portuguese history: a memorable year of 1917 and miraculous events that took place about 80 miles northwards from Lisbon, in Fatima. These events, that are the major topic of Fabrizio Costa's movie occurred to be God's light for Portugal, Europe, and the whole world, including, for some time communist, Russia.

May, the 13th, 1917; three little shepherd children, Lucia (Vanessa Antunes), Jacinta (Vanessa Staiss) and Francisco (Filipe Carvalho) see a Beautiful Lady who claims to come from heaven. She tells them a mystery about later history of the world and calls for prayer and penance. Although children are persecuted and mocked, they come to the very place on every 13th of each month and the popularity of these miracles spreads. They are arrested by municipal authorities (consider a touching moment of a prayer in a prison cell), mocked by journalists; however, all changes on the memorable 13th of October...

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